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How we help

Missing persons

People go missing for many reasons:

  • family disagreements
  • personal problems

and we can just simply lose touch with people.

  • friends from school and university
  • colleagues from work
  • people we served with in the forces
  • relatives

Here at Focus Investigations we can help to put you back in touch. Call us today.

Maintenance disputes / Asset searches

When you divorce both you and your partner complete a form detailing your financial position. The judge takes this into consideration when deciding maintenance payments. If you suspect your partner has hidden assets Focus Investigations can help you identify them and for you then to gain a more favourable divorce settlement.

Contact Focus Investigations to discuss how we can help you.

Background checks

We provide comprehensive background checks on individuals and companies.

Call us to discuss the options available.

Neighbourhood checks

Considering moving house? What do you really know about the location?

Focus Investigations can provide you with a comprehensive report on the location.

Call us today for details of our neighbourhood check service.

Neighbour disputes

Focus Investigations can provide covert surveillance in the form of photographic, video and audio evidence to be used in instances of anti-social behaviour, theft and criminal damage.

Contact us to discuss your problem and how we can help.

Theft/Pilfering Investigations

For people who do not want to get the Police involved if they suspect relatives, friends, child minders, gardeners or cleaners etc. of theft / pilfering, we can discreetly and sensitively investigate the issue.

Contact us for a confidential discussion of the options.


Focus Investigations provides legal and ethical surveillance services for members of the public in a variety of situations. All of our personnel are experienced professionals, most of who are from a police or military background.

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Criminal defence

Our experienced investigators can assist you or a family member directly, or work in conjunction with your solicitor, in order to gather the evidence to prove innocence. For example: interviewing witnesses, taking Section 9 statements, prison visits, alibi verification, examination of cctv footage, crime scene examination, forensics.

Contact us to discuss the situation.

Stalking investigations

The law has recently changed regarding this extremely disturbing behaviour.

Contact us to see how we may be able to help you.

Child abduction

Has your partner taken your child out of the country illegally / in breach of a court order?

Contact us to discuss how we can assist.

Here to help

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“Focus quickly understood our problem – kept us informed and their report was delivered on time as promised. First class service.”

Mr & Mrs R.B. – Hampshire.

“Saddened by your discovery of the death of my ex-partner but words cannot express my happiness at your discovery of a daughter that I never knew existed. Fantastic service.”

Mr AC – Adelaide, Australia

“Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your hard work and perseverance in obtaining the evidence in my husband’s case. We are both forever in your debt.”

Mrs SB – Devon

“Many thanks for your assistance in resolving this matter on my behalf. Your determination and professionalism have been instrumental in solving this case and for the first time in many months I am now able to lead a peaceful life!”

Mr RF - Totnes

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Make contact today for a no obligation discussion of your requirements and how Focus Investigations can help.

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